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Safety & Quality Performance

As a result of our approach to quality & safety Kings Park Day Hospital has been able to assess our level of performance in relation to established Key Performance Indicators, benchmarking with similar day hospitals and implementing ways to continuously improve our clinical service delivery.



Quality & Safety Outcomes

Hand Hygiene

Effective health care worker hand hygiene is a core strategy in the prevention of health care associated infections and the transmission of antimicrobial resistance. Kings Park Day Hospital participates in the National Hand Hygiene Initiative, the purpose of which is to develop a national approach to improving hand hygiene in Australian health care organisations and monitor its effectiveness.

Core components of the National Hand Hygiene initiative include provision of alcohol-based hand rub at numerous points throughout our day hospital, staff education, and auditing with performance feedback of hand hygiene compliance.

These are our results compared with the National Benchmark data:

June 2020 – Audit